W or Up Move Upwards
S or Down Move Downwards
A or Left Move Red Left and Blue Right
D or Right Move Red Right and Blue Left

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ReversE is a point A to point B mirror logic based puzzler. The game spans across a series of increasingly complex and intricate puzzles which aim to test your logical skills, reaction times and spatial awareness. Navigate your way through levels filled with tricks,traps hazards and many other pitfalls in the fastest time possible. An originally composed electronic/ambient soundtrack accompanies the game aiming to provide players with a fun, serene and ever increasingly challenging experience couple with the beat the clock element! A must for lovers of the puzzle genre! ReversE is the brainchild of Andrew Lloyd a UK based indie game developer who is the soul creator and Developer on the project!
The version of the game in this browser window is the full official 1.0.0 Release which is also playable on E+ Games too. Future updates of ReversE including new levels, updates and content will all be included with the paid version of the game that you can purchase with the Buy it Now link at the top of the page. This content will be free for people who have already bought the base game. The version above contains the original 35 Levels plus secret bonus mode and the first 40 unlockable skins! If you love the game please consider supporting it and me!