This is a collection of some of the movies I have worked on. Some of the movies were directed by me and others I collaboratively worked on the sound for with other directors.

THE TECHNICIAN (Short Film) from James Arden on Vimeo.

A prying I.T. technician who steals private files from his clients’ computers uncovers something best left hidden.

“Touching upon society’s fears over online security, the thriller wrings tension out of its concept.” – One Room With A View

“Intense, fluid, intelligent thriller” – UK Film Review

“Accomplished, effective thriller. Arden wrings tension out of the situation.” – XpoNorth

Written, Directed and Edited by James Arden
Cinematography by Ronnie McQuillan
Produced by James Arden and Hayley-Amber Woods
Starring Keir Brown, Robin Tudge and Carolyn Eden

The Technician is my Masters graduation film from the University of York’s Department of Theatre, Film and Television. It was awarded ‘Best Dissertation across all Masters programmes’ and ‘Best Grade in Digital Film & Television Production’ making me the highest passing post-graduate in Department history.

SHORT OF THE WEEK: One Room In The View
Shooting People Film of the Month Leaderboard April 2016
Nominated for Best Horror at Portobello Film Festival 2016
Best UK Student Short: Honourable Mention at Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film & Animation Festival 2016
Nominated for Best Film and Best Thriller/Horror at Screentest: UK National Student Film Festival 2015
Finalist for the ‘C the Film’ Award at C Venues, Edinburgh Fringe 2015
Screened as part of the Gala Screenings at LUMA Film Festival 2015

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Copyright 2015 Department of Theatre, Film and Television, University of York, All Rights Reserved.


Symmetry from Andrew Lloyd on Vimeo.

Symmetry is a short piece filmed as part of my MA in Sound Design with Post Production at the University of York. The film was an accompaniment of research into ‘The Lynch Effect’ the film sound of David Lynch and what effect a Lynchian type sound design, editing choices and themes can have on audiences as opposed to a more conventional or straight narrative style i.e. soap operas. The University of York Heslington studios are to thank for the equipment and technical knowledge provided for putting the film together as well as my many good friends and colleagues who helped crew, act and support the short all listed in the credits. An extra special thank you to the amazing Tattoo Money for allowing me to use their track ‘Wolf Tickets’ to really give the piece a further air of Lynchian feel!


Deterrent from Stephanie Hall on Vimeo.

No Surrender short film written by Abigail Henry

A University of York Department of Theatre, Film and Television Student Film.
At the height of the women’s suffrage movement, Maggie, a working class Victorian wardress
works against the Suffragettes in order to exist in a patriarchal society and would do anything in
her power to discourage these fervent women. Until Jennifer, who is young, naive and in need of
guidance challenges Maggie’s cold and callous ways.

Lifeshades from Andrew Lloyd on YouTube

A short film made as part of an MA final project researching Lynchian sound design

Timelapse by Andrew Lloyd on YouTube

A short film made as part of an MA final project researching Lynchian sound design